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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

As you can probably understand, not too many people are involved in local efforts and community projects, and often it is not because they do not want to help but rather don't know where to start, and that's where we come in. 

 "I started LoveWay to get as many people involved in the community as possible and to create a sense of normalcy towards helping one another." - Alex Glembin

                              Founder/ LoveWay

First Step

Jumping right into making a difference, LoveWay threw a whipped cream pie fight for Mr. Russell James Tilley, a Korean War Veteran who served in our great country's Navy, as one of the few brave Americans who helped defend South Korea, which has become the most technologically advanced country on Earth. Mr. Tilley broke both legs, ankles and arches in the war, and today he faces prostate cancer, he is now at stage four. After hearing of Mr. Tilley's incredible story, LoveWay volunteers passed out over 400 fliers and received help from over 45 local businesses, after everything was set up, we waited and waited, everyone kept their chin up as hours went by, at the end of the day a total of 0 people attended the event. Although not thrilled with the turn-out, LoveWay members continued fighting and even went door to door to raise money for Mr. Tilley and even ended up in the paper!

Save the Bay

Now that the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay is slowly beginning to come back to us, LoveWay wants to do everything we can to make sure it is never forgotten again. To combat pollution we're creating an educational documentary that kids will actually want to watch! We all know that mostly every educational video they show kids in schools are ... outdated, to say the least and don't appeal to kids, which can actually be a very bad thing. They will not be inclined to help the cause and they will disregard it in their minds as not a serious issue. Realizing this, LoveWay is now in production of a youth-attractive educational documentary about the Chesapeake Bay, based on fact, to distribute (for FREE) to schools, colleges and other organizations all over Virginia, there will also be free showings to the public in March. Informational updates will be posted.

Anti-Violence Campaign

Like most things LoveWay is known for, our Anti-Violence Campaign is unlike any other. LoveWay is partnering up with VA schools and VA gun ranges to teach the youth about gun safety. We here at LoveWay fully support the second amendment and the fundamental right of EVERY legal citizen to carry and own a firearm to defend their homes, families and valuables. We wish to bring the youth through these safety courses so that they know, from an early age, that guns are serious weapons and NOT toys, thus preventing any disastrous occurrences from happening later on. We've all seen how people can use these awful tragedies as a weapon of their own to push new anti-gun laws, but the overall truth is that guns protect us and give us security in these crazy times, we must understand that a man not following laws would not follow a new one.

LoveWay is also raising money for families who have had a family member taken from them due to gun violence. We hope you will join us on this journey to educate the youth and help arm every legal citizen, together we can create an atmosphere of safety and no one will have to suffer the pain of a loss due to gun violence ever again.

MISSION STATEMENT: To spread awareness on local issues and create a sense of normalcy towards helping one another for the youth of the community.

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